Monday, February 4, 2008

Andrew Wilder ~ Wilder 'King' at Cosmic Ent. ~2003

Andrew Wilder ~ Wilder 'King' at Cosmic Ent. ~2003

Bledel, Evans, Treach, Pullman among cast by Cathy Dunkley

Andrew Wilder has written and is making his directorial debut with the feature "The Orphan King" for Cosmic Entertainment.

Drama follows a group of friends growing up in New York City, the first generation of latchkey kids, trying to escape a life of decadence in 1980s Manhattan.

Alexis Bledel, Chris Evans, Treach (from the music group Naughty by Nature), Bill Pullman, Andrew McCarthy and Jason Van Over star in the pic, which Emily Cummins of Cosmic is producing with Lemore Syvan. Jay Cohen is exec producing.

Peter Sahagan's Ardustry Entertainment is financing the pic, with Sahagan also expected to take a producing credit.

Wilder, repped by Endeavor and Bondesen-Graup, previously penned "The Section" for helmer Gregory Hoblit. He also wrote "The Pledge" for helmer Phillip Noyce and "East Side Story," for which he won USC's Jack Nicholson Award for screenplay.

He is adapting the novel "Games of the Hangman," written by Victor O'Reilly, for producer Bill Todman. Thriller concerns a soldier and war photographer who discovers a student suicide is really a murder by a sadistic killer.