Monday, February 4, 2008

Chris Mundy ~ 'Cold Case' ~2004-05

Chris Mundy, Co-Executive Producer and writer for Criminal Minds, wrote two episodes (Blank Generation and The Badlands) of "Cold Case" prior to the start of Criminal Minds. This YouTube is of "The Badlands" which aired on October 3, 2004. Written by Chris Mundy and directed by Tim Matheson.

"When the prime suspect proves to be innocent, Rush and the team re-open a 2003 triple homicide at a now-condemned restaurant in a blighted inner-city neighborhood. The diner had been a neighborhood oasis before the owners & their 17-year-old busboy were brutally murdered. The original crime scene was Rush's first case, but she was soon called off to join the Cold Case squad, leaving Vera as the officer in charge. It quickly becomes clear that Vera's investigation was sloppy, which infuriates Jeffries, who grew up in the neighborhood."