Friday, February 8, 2008

Edward Allen Bernero ~ Letter to Criminal Minds Fans ~ Christmas Eve 2007

Criminal Minds: Edward Allen Bernero, Executive Producer of Criminal Minds, asked me to please post this message:

Dear Fanatic Family --

Christmas Eve, 2007, Hollywood, California.

For me, this is usually a time when I look back on a
year and check off the things I'm grateful for (so
much). But this year, the emotion I'm feeling is
mostly surprise. And I'll tell you why.

I never expected that this would be the way the year
ended. That Criminal Minds would be firmly in the top
five scripted series on television despite a focussed
effort by the other networks to aim their biggest new
guns against us at 9PM on Wednesday. I thought we
could wait them out but you fans didn't even let them
get that far.

I am also surprised that we would be making the show
just fine without Mandy Patinkin. I think Joe has
been a great addition to our family and am grateful
that you fans seem to feel the same way. Your
patience and support in the middle of all that
unexpected drama was incredible.

I am also surprised that we haven't been filming new
episodes for more than a month now. I believed in my
soul that this unfortunate work stoppage wouldn't last
very long. As I look at what's happened, I can't
believe that what I didn't appreciate was the AMPTP's
apparent desire to make the strike last as long as
possible. What we are asking for is not unreasonable.
I think everyone (even the companies themselves)
knows that what we are asking for is incredibly
reasonable. I even think a lot of people on the other
side of the issue agree with us. But, for some
reason, they are unable to get the AMPTP to actually
offer us something that would end this all.

I am also surprised that, due to the strike, I have a
whole new reason to be humbled by your support of our
show and in particular of the people who make it. The
people behind the scenes. Your gracious donations
have helped a number of the crew get through what
would have otherwise been a bleak Christmas. I will
never forget what you've all done. Never.

So, 2008? We'll see. What I'd like to see is a swift
end to this thing so we can all get back to making the
show we love so well. However, I am not the type to
wait for someone like Nick Counter at the AMPTP to
take are of my family and my crew. There are meetings
going on first of the year with companies that want to
fund programs themselves. To find a new way to make
these stories we tell. I'm excited about that. I
plan on getting our crew back to some sort of work as
soon as possible. When that happens, I will let you
all know what it is we're planning so you can share
the ride with us.

Until then, just know that your selflessness and
support has been incredible and humbly accepted.
Barbara, Amanda, Jason and Cris and I wish you all a
great holiday season and look forward to talking with
you all after the first of the year.