Saturday, February 2, 2008

Guest Star Chandler Canterbury Talks About Ed Bernero & Working on Criminal Minds ~2007

Criminal Minds: Chandler Canterbury, guest star in Criminal Minds episode "In Birth and Death" sent us a note in 2007.

Hi Criminal Minds fans!!!!

This is Chandler. My episode of Criminal Minds shows this Wednesday night. I am so excited! I hope you are too. My dad is a real bad guy in this show! In real life, Eddie Cibrian is nice and awesome! Yvonne Jung gave me the best advice of all. She said, "just remember, it's always your parents fault." My mom didn't like that too well! Ed Bernerno is so nice. I hope I get to work with him again. He made me a better actor. I had fun with the production crew. We even got to play catch with a lemon! I hope everyone will watch the show. And don't worry, the hearts aren't real. I think they are made of rubber. They look real! The gun is real. It didn't have any bullets in it though.


Chandler Canterbury

Note from Chandler's mom, Kristine Canterbury : Chandler's a great kid and completely oblivious to everything. He just likes to act. In fact, I can rarely tell when he is not acting! "Just kidding" is stated way too often in our house! LOL. A word about Ed Bernero: He has a way to make everyone feel important and special. He is also very appreciative. The last day of filming, Ed presented Chandler with a Wii. It was something he obviously didn't need to do, but if you all could have seen Chandler's face . . . . . .

Photo courtesy of Kristine Canterbury Photography.