Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Chris Evans Talks About Andrew Wilder & The Orphan King ~ 2004

Chris Evans: We shot that here over the summer. That’s a good, gritty independent. That’s a great example of a great script and director, first time director, never directed anything. A guy named Andrew Wilder wrote and directed it. When you have the writer director combo I have faith. They’re the same person, they have vision, they know what they want. This is his life story. It’s about a group of kids who grow up in the city who do bad things. They deal drugs, beat people up. My character meets a girl that inspires him. Tells him that he’s living below his potential and he gets out and leaves. His buddies kind of crumble and miss him. They do bad things to get him to come back. Long story short, it’s about drugs, violence, friendship, and love. It’s gritty and sad, but super independent, super low budget. That’ll run festivals and probably go to Tribeca [Film Festival] in May.

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